Sunday, January 19, 2014


  >>> THE TRUTH HURTS  <<<-- Body Image Reality Check --

[ Please note this blog is not based on my personal opinions about your body shape or size. This is purely an exercise for all Women and their minds. - Caitlyn Hewitt ]

Welcome to your minds... 

It's time to start being honest with ourselves and how we treat our minds & BODY! 

Take the above image for example, how many of you have actually said those exact words?  

I hear it ALL THE TIME in this industry, the industry they call "Fashion". 
Probably where the problem has stemmed from, where it ALL BEGAN... 

"And to be honest, i never actually know what to say when a customer turns to me and says those exact words"....
Am i suppose to stand there and tell you that your being silly and you are beautiful

Because I CAN. I HAVE. 

Would that make you stop and go "oh OK, you are right i am beautiful". 

I can guarantee i have NEVER had that answer.  

Before i go any further, i ask you to watch this short video, otherwise this blog may not make any impact on your thoughts. 

WOW! I know, it is pretty powerful stuff right there.... 
"We are our own worst enemies at times. 
We criticise ourselves, we are bullies to our own souls and minds, IT'S POISON."

Body image issues have been around and spoken about for many many years, yet we are still not getting the point.

 We are STILL victims and offenders of this hatred "crime". 
So the point of my blog today is for YOU to discover if your a victim or an offender... 

I personally am BOTH. 

Look at these statistics of how we, as Women and the Women of tomorrow think.

Are you both too? 
Do you find yourself doing or saying the above? 
I now ask you another question... Have you ever looked at a thin person and thought or said: 
"Have something to eat" 
"How would you know what it's like, you don't have to battle with weight" 
"I wish i could eat what i want like you can"
"Skinny B!t.."
the list goes on....... 
Have a read of this.... 

Did this inspire you or insult you? 

It points out to all of us, that body image is a 2 way street. No matter shape or size, we are all fighting the same fight. - To be loved, accepted and appreciated by others. 

Before you can expect others to LOVE , ACCEPT & APPRECIATE you for YOU, you need to LOVE, ACCEPT & APPRECIATE you for YOU! 




Stop & THINK before you criticise someone for having an opinion on a body size because they may be "Thinner" or "Bigger".

If your healthy why should your size matter? 

So by now, i hope your thoughts have changed about how you LOOK at yourself and others.
 I wrote this to inspire ALL women to stop becoming the victim of this self inflicted crime and to STOP us, as WOMEN, from being cruel to our own kind.



Next time your in a shop, and try something on and it doesn't do the best thing for your shape, try using the words "It's not my style". 

Fashion, like Women, have been designed in many styles, shapes and sizes.

Yours in Style,

Caitlyn Hewitt
Rhubarb Boutique

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Home Is Where The Dust Settles...

Home is where the dust settles...

 >>> I invite you to view the Home of Rhubarb Boutique <<<

Welcome to our Home... 

A place where memories are created, fears are faced and where Love & Laughter is shared and embraced! 

Are you comfortable? Would you like a drink? Sit back and relax because this is my tour of our home.

I have always taken great pride in where Rhubarb calls Home.
Rhubarb isn't located in a CBD, or have clothing stacked from wall to wall or floor to ceiling but she certainly has a heavenly home. 

A home that provides her with a great sense of difference. 

I am forever asked one question: Theodore, how do you find business goes out there? 

Sure, there are times i wish i was located in the heart of a busy suburb, with traffic all day every day in the door, but i love that my business is different and it starts by calling Theodore Home. 

We live on a property just outside of Theodore and every day i walk past the blossoming bougainvillea's, listen to the cows in the distance, hear the echo's of the boys hunting the cattle into the yards and feel the dust between my toes and watching it settle on every piece of our belongings. 

Every day my priority is to take Rhubarb another step forward, and i do this by pulling inspiration / ideas from what surrounds me on a day to day basis. 

I have a "GOAL" for Rhubarb and that is to take her Far and Wide to as many "Small Country Towns" as i can, for all Ladies of the Rural to experience. 

As much as i love being a Small Country Town Boutique, i once read you should never talk about your business as if it is a small company because everyone around you will treat it like a small company and may not take you serious. 

This sticks in my mind and every day i tell myself this, because YES Rhubarb is a small business but I think Rhubarb has just as much to offer (if not more) then any other organisation. 

Affordable Products / Stella Customer Service / Quality Products / Fast & Easy Transactions.

As a customer myself, there is not much more i look for when it comes to purchasing from a business. Whether it is the Local Produce Store, Newsagency or Fuel Station. Wherever i may be shopping, if that business can't provide me the above i think twice about going back. Im sure you do to..


Being an online based Business in the Fashion industry, i am playing a pretty tough game. I am up against some of the largest fashion organisations in Australia and perhaps the world. 

Being in Theodore, i can't promise overnight delivery, because it simply is not possible and i would be ashamed to offer something i can't do. 
I may not be able to offer free postage every time either. 

I can however promise that your purchase will always be packaged with care, posted with caution and sent with great deal of appreciation.

                                                                                            Putting a face to the name for you! 
                                                                                                       >> Caitlyn Hewitt >>  

Living here we have the most amazing backdrop for Photoshoot sessions and Videos! Check out our Katie B Video we launched back in September 2013
" Discover Katie B " . 
 I hope this is painting you a picture of Where Rhubarb calls Home and next time you shop with Rhubarb you know where it is coming from..

Perhaps you would like Rhubarb Boutique to come to your home for a day, set up and create your very own Private and Exclusive Boutique? Please contact me (Caitlyn) by simply going to Rhubarb Boutique . 

Yours in Style,
Caitlyn Hewitt

Monday, July 1, 2013

Crispy Coconut Chicken Recipe

Caitlyn's Crispy Coconut Chicken Recipe

A few years ago i worked in a restaurant who served a Coconut Chicken. I have attempted to google the recipe on several occasions and never been able to find anything similar. So i set myself a task to recreate this delicious dish from what i could remember by taste / look and smell..... 

I have recreate something that i believe has a better zing and so simply delicious

Please note that this recipe will need to be adjusted to the number you are catering for and your taste.

Recipe Serves 2.


3-4 generous hands of Rocket (Fresh if available)
1/2 of Red Onion
1/2 Avocado
1 Lemon
2 eggs 
3 Cups of Desiccated coconut 
1/2 - 1 Cup of Grated coconut
300-500grm of Chicken Breast. You will need roughly 4 strips per person, depending on meal size. 
3 tbl sp of Honey
1/2 tsp of Soy Sauce
4 tbl sp of Sweet Chilli sauce.


Crack the 2 eggs in a small bowl and lightly whisk. Place aside.

Mix both types of coconut together on a plate ready for chicken to be rolled into. Set aside.

Finely slice your onion and avocado. Make your salad with rocket and add your onion and avocado ready for your chicken.

Cut chicken into long strips, roughly 2cm wide. When you get to the thicker part of breast, cut strips in half long ways so they are roughly 2cm in width both ways. 

Roll the chicken strips into the egg and then coat with coconut mixture. Set aside and wait for the oil to heat up. 

Heat oil in deep fryer, fry pan or wok. Any method of cooking is fine, this is a personal preference. Once oil is hot, fry the chicken until cooked, brown and chunky. 

While your chicken is cooking, make your sauce. 

In a small jug or bowl, mix the honey, sweet chilli and soy sauce. Cut lemon in half and squeeze a LITTLE amount of juice in. Taste and add more lemon if required. Grate a little zest in there as well for the zing! 


If you haven't already, plate your salad, grate a little zest over your salad and squeeze a little more lemon juice. 

Once your chicken is brown and crispy, transfer onto a plate with paper towel to suck up excess oil. 

Bring your chicken onto your salad and drizzle with dressing. Don't be shy with this, the more the better! 


So there you have it, my crispy coconut chicken recipe. 
Do me a favour and tell me your thoughts!! 

Have you subscribed to our blogs? Check out our website? What about our Facebook? 

Until next time!

Yours in style,

Caitlyn Hewitt

Thursday, May 16, 2013

FLIPPING good idea!

Hello again! 

May has arrived and is almost over, which means as each day comes and go, we are moving into the colder time of the year which got me thinking.... Catalogues and Coffee. 

Hang with me here... i tend to have a Grass Hopper Brain. 

Is there anything better then sitting in the sun on a cold winters day flicking through a catalogue and soaking up some real good Vitamin D....  Which now led me to.. 


As the shopper for Rhubarb i am continuously searching for those unique, outrageous, different, FANTASTIC or just down right AWESOME products.  I surely come across some weird and wonderful things and doing it all from home online, i tend to end up all over the world! 

Which now led me to another thought! 

It's impossible for me to provide you access to all these brilliant items i discover on my "window shopping" experiences, so i have come up with a FLIPPING good idea.. Flipping.. literally.. 

I feel like i almost need a drum roll here................. 

Each MONTH i will pick a supplier and create a catalogue to showcase all the great products they have to offer.  Each MONTH this catalogue will be distributed a number of different ways. 

Each month will be a different line of products. We will showcase anything from Costume Jewellery, Designer Jewellery, Home Decor, Gifts, Scarves and everything in between. 

This months catalogue 
- Putting your heart <3 into your home - 
is now OUT and can be viewed. 

Our first catalogue showcases everything you may desire to display in your home. Picture Frames to Towel Racks to Antique Genuine Leather Bags to Glass etc etc. 
It's all there! 

Being the owner, shopper, and the brains behind Rhubarb Boutique i tend to hold a great responsibility not to provide or offer you any products that i don't personally believe in. 
As much as i discover products from all over the globe, i tend to stick with an Australian Supplier. 

This Supplier is 1 of my favourites and i regularly stocked the shop with their products. Christmas, Birthday, or just making your house into a home. Their products are fantastic! 
I find that they are very well priced and brilliant quality! 

Creating this catalogue got me thinking..... 

Rhubarb is a small private owned business in a huge retail world. 
We compete with over sized, under priced and overseas business every day. 
It's not something i personally believe we will ever beat, but i do believe i can offer you all something different. 
Personal service... which made me think... 

We females love sharing, talking, catching up, socialising, however you may look it. We love to be around people. 

Rhubarb Boutique is looking for Catalogue Hosts. 

This means you become the host of the catalogue, distribute to as many or as little number of friends and family. You may choose to host a party, you may choose to send them all an email, or however you may want to do it, its up to YOU. 

Catalogue Hosts are rewarded with a discount depending on how many orders are placed under their name and to total amount of sales made. 

I will personally be available to help if and when required, so this makes it easier for you. 

Once orders are in - the products are shipped directly to your door. This will save $$ on shipping too. 

It's simple. 
You simply inform us you would like to become a host 
We then forward you the catalogue with host documents
Your guests pay direct to Rhubarb Boutique with their orders
You are advised how many sales were made under your name

You don't need to live in the district to become a host. Rhubarb is looking for Ladies all over!! 

If you may be interested make sure you make contact! 

No commitment needed! 

Yours in Style
Caitlyn Hewitt
Rhubarb Boutique

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coat Hanger --> Scarves Hanger!


Today i am following on from yesterdays blog, "It's All About The Scarf".  

Before i start, i do have a question for you.... 

 Does your scarf draw look like my scarf draw? 

Photo taken by Caitlyn Hewitt @ Rhubarb Boutique

It absolutely drives me bonkers! 

At the end of every Winter i seem to have multiplied my scarf collection by quite a bit .. (Whoops) ... and at the end of every Winter i wash all of my scarves, neatly fold them and put them all nice and neat in a draw. It looks really tidy for about as long as 27 seconds.

So this Winter i went on a mission to solve my problem.

 A storage solution that didn't have to cost money, take allot of time, and didn't have to change every year when i keep adding more scarves to my collection (being completely honest about my addiction).

My problem is solved! After googling, i found SO many ways to overcome this issue, but i particularly liked this one. 

1 coat hanger, your scarves and wherever you would like to hang them! 

Photo taken by Caitlyn Hewitt @ Rhubarb Boutique


I have used timber coat hangers, but a plastic coat hanger would work just as good! 

I decided to colour co-ordinate the scarves on each hanger. You will find this will be easier to find that scarf you are looking for and will look neater in your wardrobe.

Photo taken by Caitlyn Hewitt @ Rhubarb Boutique

Don't have the room in your wardrobe? What about putting a couple of nails or hook on your wall and turn them into a feature in your room. 

Photo taken by Caitlyn Hewitt @ Rhubarb Boutique

What about picking yourself up a cheap clothes rack from any major store and just displaying them on there? 

Photo taken by Caitlyn Hewitt @ Rhubarb Boutique

Once you start looking for a spot to hang your scarves, you will be surprised at just how many you probably actually have. 

Even better..... YOU NOW HAVE ANOTHER DRAW! 

Who read this and went "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS ! " ... 
Don't worry i did too! 

Stay tuned for our next blog... 

We show you trick with wire coat hangers and your shoes! 

Be notified when the next blog is up, simply just subscribe by entering your email --->> 

Yours in Style
Caitlyn Hewitt

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's All About The Scarf!

It's All About The Scarf! 

If you are anything like me, you have a slight obsession with scarves and wearing them. Summer, Autumn, Spring but especially Winter! 

Summer, i tend to do loose knots with light weight scarves. Winter i tend to wear more thick cotton scarves wrapped around so they become quite snuggly and warming.

-  Its amazing how warm a scarf can be, it all depends on how you wear it! - 

I have put together a few snap shots on different ways that i tend to wear my scarves. The scarf i used for these pictures can be purchased from Rhubarb Boutique. The scarf is a silk scarf, i chose this type so it was easy to see the knots, twists and turns. 

Please feel free to make contact with us to get the tutorial on "HOW TO" tie these knots. 

When it comes to your scarves, get creative. There is never a right or wrong way on how you should wear them, and this is why i love to have a collection! They dress any "basic" casual outfit up, and often just exactly what the outfit needs to give it that finished look. 

You will notice, that i added some flowers to accessorise a basic knot, or give the braid a tad more flare! If you don't have an oversized flower, perhaps a nice brooch, or use a costume ring to gather it together. 

These are just a few styles, so make sure you try them, and keep searching. you will find loads of ways on the internet by searching in google or pinterest

The possibilities are endless! 

Yours in Style, 
Caitlyn Hewitt.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Makes You Smile....

 STOP and take a step back from that hectic and over crowded schedule we all call life and take a look at what wonderful things surround you in your everyday breaths. 

This week at Rhubarb, we received a fresh order of Inspirational Books. Have you ever stopped to read one, or even just flick through it? There are some that can be quite soul drenching and there are some that are soul satisfying. I have decided to blog on 1 particular book from our collection and that is the "What makes your smile" book. So i ask you, What does make you smile?

Once you start thinking of the all the things that make you smile you will realise its often the smallest things that go un noticed.

This book that measures no more then 14cm Wide and 15cm High shows you that we most often not need the larger things in life. 

As you turn each page, you will read 1 small sentence that strikes 1 small smirk, 1 small memory of that 1 time it made you smile without you realising. 

Rhubarb has run a competition today for all our Ladies, to comment with 1 small thing that makes them smile. Check it out at Rhubarb Boutique Facebook and take the test!

So by now i bet your reading this and thinking of all the small things that just may make you smile. Am i correct?   

If you haven't commented on our Facebook competition, i ask for you to comment on this blog, with 3 simple small things that make you smile on any given day. 

I will leave it with you, i hope that you can take the time to comment with 3 small things. I look forward to hearing your comments. 

This book can be purchased from Rhubarb Boutique for $39.95. 

Thanks for reading, and until next time, 

Yours in Style

Caitlyn McLeod.